Jean Salumu leads Rasta Vechta to second straight win (VIDEO)

Jean Salumu leads Rasta Vechta to second straight win, for the first time this season.

After 11 loss in a row to start the Bundesliga, Rasta Vechta finally wins a game in Bundesliga last week.

Against Giessen, needed to confirm their win. That is what they have done.

And once again, Jean Salumu was Rasta Vechta’s leader. In 24 minutes, he recorded 26 points, 2 assists and 1 steal.

Thomas Päch (Head Coach RASTA Vechta) ” We entered the game with a lot of respect for Gießen. Rolf breathed new life into the team there in the last few weeks, they played with great energy. And then of course the return of John Bryant was a big question mark for us. Because from a player who has already been MVP twice, you have to expect everything. So I’m happy for my team. The guys have worked extremely hard over the past two weeks. I think you also saw that both teams weren’t that fresh, not that fast. But we were able to start with an energy boost at the beginning of the second half. He then brought us forward with ten points and we then defended this lead until the end. It was a strong team performance, also from Ike and Will, who didn’t play today but gave full throttle in training. Everyone is just ready to invest everything to be there for the other. And I believe that this is very important in the phase we are in right now.

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