It’s like they’re trying to destroy Belgian Basketball

After all the issues we’re having in our First Division (EuroMillions Basketball) Basketball Belgium has now announced that they are stopping their contract with Genius Sports, effective immediately. Meaning that for the rest of the season we will no longer have any kind of statistics for TDM1 and TDW1, seriously diminishing the visibility and growth of these leagues.

Without the stats we’ll no longer be able to provide Game Reviews, in-depth Player Profiles or our Power Rankings and so much more.

So in order to keep our reporting going we are asking every TDM1 club and TDW1 club if they could share their own scouting with us so that we can at least continue doing the sort of reporting we’ve been doing these past couple of seasons.

So to all scouts: please send in your game boxscores after every game to poeticsdb@thisisbasketball.eu or just send them to our fb page in a private message.

Please share as much as you can so all club’s scouters get to see the message and hopefully provide us with the stats for the rest of the season.

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