The BeneLeague will start next season !

Today was an important day in the History of Belgian Basketball, The announcement is made that the BeneLeague will start next season !

The project was already in the pipes for years, but now thing are more advanced. The Beneleague will be created very soon.

The competition formula of the BeneLeague

The season starts with two national competitions, in which all teams play an equal number of games. The best five from each country come together in a Golden Group. The Belgian clubs play both at home and away against the Dutch clubs. The teams that are not in the top 5 come together in the Silver Group and also play 10 games.

The playoffs also consist of a national part. The two best Belgian clubs qualify for the semifinals of the Belgian playoffs. The other three Belgian teams from the Golden Group compete with the best Belgian team from the Silver Group for a place in the play-off semifinals. This playoff series will result in a national champion.

The Silver Group clubs that do not qualify for the national playoffs will start with the BeNeLeague playoffs. In each round the losing teams of the national playoffs will enter. The winners of these series compete against the national champions at home and away. After that, the two remaining clubs compete for the BeNeLeague title in a home and an away matchup. 

This competition formula can be applied flexibly if there are a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 24 clubs participating in the competition.

This will not prevent clubs to particitape in the Eurocup, like Antwerp this year, or in the Basketball Champions League.

With the actual pandemic and the financial problems for a lot of clubs, it seems like it is the right time to try the Beneleague.

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