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Limburg United dismiss Sacha Massot

Limburg United dismiss Sacha Massot, with immediate effect. Limburg United announced on Thursday morning that they have taken the decision to separate, with immediate effect, from their coach Sacha Massot. This departure comes after three defeats in as many games in the BNXT League. The defeats against Antwerp (72-81), Mons (67-68) and this Wednesday on…


Brussels beats Limburg (77-88)

Brussels beats Limburg in friendly game. This Friday, Brussels and Limburg played a game behind closed doors. Despite a better start from Limburg, Brussels was up by 1 after 1 quarter (15-16). In the second quarter, despite Wen Mukubu‘s performance, Ian Hanavan’s team found solution in offense to increase the gap (34-43). After the break,…


Some EMBL transfer news for the 2020-’21 season

While we were busy preparing our website there have already been several transfers as the EMBL teams are preparing for next season. Here’s a little overview: Most active so far on the transfer market has been Liège Basket as they have signed several youngsters (who will be competing for both their first team in EMBL…