Aalst will not play at home in 2020

Aalst will not play at home in 2020, the team announced today. Earlier this month, Liège Basket already announced that the team would not play before 2021.

In a press release, Aalst announced that the team will not play home games in November and December. We know how important the fans can be, especially in Het Forum.

Okapi Aalst has succeeded in building a competitive team for many years, thanks to the support of the many loyal supporters and sponsors. Many clubs envy us for this, but some clubs can now play because they are financially supported by their local and / or regional government. Okapi Aalst is not yet in this situation. The club must therefore postpone its home games until financially better times come in which hopefully it will be possible to play in a corona-safe manner with (part) public and an open catering industry. Our file is ready and we want to play with the public as soon as possible.“, said Peter Venneman, the CEO.

According to the press release, Aalst will only play 1 away-game in 2020, against Mons.

We hope that the government will take its responsibility in these corona times. As a 70-year-old ambassador of the City of Aalst, we also count on a one-off substantial support from the City of Aalst. We will be fight for our place this year, but we have to look to the longer term, where Okapi Aalst has all the assets to have a bright future.”, chairman Patrick Boterbergh concludes.

Aalst is not the only team thath will not play at home in 2020. Limburg for example, will not play at home.

It is clear that Belgian Clubs need support from gouvernement(s) to survive. In France, Tony Parker talked with the Sports Minister about the financial situation of the French teams. According to him, there wasn’t enough financial support from the gouvernement.

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