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Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Overview: Belgian Youngsters Abroad (2020-’21)

Traditionally we at TIB publish a little overview at the start of each season discussing the Belgian Players who will be playing abroad. We do this in three seperate categories: Belgian Players Abroad in which we discuss the Belgian professional players abroad. Belgian Youngsters Abroad in wich we discuss the Belgian youngsters (born in 1999…

Belgian Youngsters Abroad

Younes Boukichou heads abroad to sign with Gravelines

The younger brother of Belgian Lion Khalid Boukichou – Younes Boukichou – is leaving the AWBB Academy to continue his development at Gravelines where he will play for the U18 and U21 squads. At Gravelines he will team-up with other Belgian youngsters such as Milo Hautekeet and Ayuba Bryant under the watchful eyes of Belgian…