The TDW1 final will be played in one game !

The TDW1 final will be played in one game, the first 2 games are canceled. The first two games of the TDW1 finals are canceled due to Covid cases among Castors Braine. The final will therefore be played in 1 game on April 28 at 20H30. “After having taken note of the communication from Castors…


Castors Braine, first finalist of the TDW1 playoffs !

Castors Braine, first finalist of the TDW1 playoffs. Title holder Castors Braine qualified for the playoff final of the Belgian women’s basketball championship on Saturday. Castors easily defeated Liège in the second leg of the semi-final (82-56). Braine already defeated Liège 58-81 in the first leg. Brittany Starling (20 points, 5 rebounds) and Erika De…


Playoffs start today in TDW1

Playoffs start today in TDW1, with the game between Liège Basket and Castors Braine. The undefeated Castors Braine will play tonight against Liège Basket in the first leg of the semi-final of the TDW1 Playoffs. Braine defeated Liège twice this year (85-55 and 89-61). It will, of course, be a tough task for Liège against…

TIB Throwbacks

Tony Marion (’63 – PF – 2m02)

In this #ThrowbackThursday we take a look back at the career of Castors Braine’s 2m02 tall Power Forward Tony Marion. Born in Zaïre in 1963 Marion came over to Belgium at a very young age as the family settled at Neder-Over-Heembeek. Inspired by his brother Christian, he quickly picked up playing basketball and joined Racing Club de…

TIB Throwbacks

Kerry Trotter (Braine) – Game Highlights vs Mechelen (Video)

In this #ThrowBackThursday we take you back to the finals of the 1988-’89 season in which the old Royal Castors Braine faced Racing Maes Pils Mechelen, and more specifically the third game of that best-of-five series. In game 3 it was Castors Braine hosting Racing Mechelen with the series tied 1-1. After a huge loss in Mechelen in Game 2,…