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Belgian Players Abroad

Manu Lecomte played “Le Classique” in France (VIDEO)

Manu Lecomte played “Le Classique” in France. For his second game in France with Pau Lacq Orthez, Manu Lecomte participated in “Le Classique” against CSP Limoges. The rivalry between Limoges and Pau is the biggest rivalry in French Basketball history. In the starting 5, Manu Lecomte played 24 minutes. He recorded 12 points. For Limoges,…


Dominic Waters signs with Champagne Basket

Dominic Waters signs with Champagne Basket, in Jeep Elite. Veteran point guard Dominic Waters signs in France with Champagne Basket, in Jeep Elite. Waters played in Belgium with Verviers-Pepinster and Liège Basket. The 34 years old point-guard started the season in Israel, with Ironi Nahariya.

Belgian Players Abroad

Khalid Boukichou leads Gravelines-Dunkerque to decisive win over Cholet (VIDEO)

Khalid Boukichou leads Gravelines-Dunkerque to decisive win over Cholet in Jeep Elite (100-96). Recently, Gravelines-Dunkerques confirmed that they extended Khalid Boukichou’s contract until the end of the season. For the game against Cholet, Khalid Boukichou was in the starting five of Serge Crevecoeur. But Gravelines started the game badly (13-29 after 10). The players of…


Hans Vanwijn leads Dijon past Bourg-En-Bresse (VIDEO)

Hans Vanwijn leads Dijon past Bourg-En-Bresse this Saturday night (80-71). Another game, another big performance from Hans Vanwijn. After his big double-double last week, the Belgian Lion was the leader of Laurent Legname’s team. Against Bourg-En-Bresse, Vanwijn recorded 21 points (his biggest performance with Dijon), 5 rebounds and 2 steals. A very nice performance for…


Kenneth “Speedy” Smith to leave Antwerp ?

Kenneth “Speedy” Smith to leave Antwerp ? According to different sources, CSP Limoges wants to sign Speedy Smith to replace DeMarcus Nelson. Limoges played 3 games in Basketball Champions League this season (1 win, 2 losses) and hi currently 9th in Jeep Elite. Antwerp confirmed that the club was contacted by Limoges for a transfert….

Belgian Players Abroad

Strong performance for Hans Vanwijn against Gravelines and Serge Crevecoeur

Last week, Hans Vanwijn established his record in LNB against Pau-Lacq-Orthez. This week against Gravelines-Dunkerques, Serge Crevecoeur‘s team, he recorded another strong performance: 16 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist in 23 minutes. Dijon is still undefeated in Jeep Elite with a 4-0 record. For Gravelines-Dunkerque and Serge Crevecoeur, the start of the season is…

Belgian Players Abroad

Big performance for Hans Vanwijn (VIDEO)

For his third game in Jeep Elite, Hans Vanwijn had his best performance so far for Dijon. Insert in the starting line up by Laurent Legname, the former Antwerp Giants player played 24 minutes where he recorded 18 points (7/9 from the field), 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Thanks to his all around performance, Dijon…

Belgian Players AbroadTransfers

Jonathan Tabu signs in Spain

Jonathan Tabu will play in Spain next year as he signed a 1-year deal with Baxi Manresa. Last year, Tabu played with Le Portel, in Jeep Elite. He averaged 9.6 points and 3.4 assists. It won’t be the first for Tabu in the Liga ACB, he already played in Spain with Zaragoza, Fuenlabrada and Bilbao.


Serge Crevecoeur signs a new deal with Gravelines-Dunkerque

Serge Crevecoeur will remain Gravelines-Dunkerque’s coach. The club confirmed that he signed a 2 year deal with the French club. Crevecoeur left Brussels to join Gravelines-Dunkerque last year. With the pandemic, the Jeep Elite decided that there will be no promotion/ relegation and Gravelines will still play in Jeep Elite next season.


Paris Lee signs with Orleans

Orleans announced that they have signed Paris Lee for the 2020-2021 season. Lee will be the starting point guard of the French team. After Belgium and Germany, the 2019 EMBL MVP will discover his third european championship.