Spanish League will finish out the season with playoffs

The Spanish Liga Endesa has announced that they will finish out the 2019-’20 season with a Playoffs consisting of the Top 12 of the regular season standings as they were at the time of the coronavirus outbreak.

These playoffs will be played in one location as soon as it is allowed by the Spanish government. Currently there seems to be three viable candidates to host the tournament: Andorra, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

These playoffs should start no later than May 30th and should end before July 10th. If this turns out to be impossible considering the extraordinary circumstances then the season will end as is and no champion will be selected. No team will be relegated.

If they can pull it off then 3 of our Belgian players will get back in action before the new season starts as Sam Van Rossom (Valencia), Quentin Serron (Bilbao) and Manu Lecomte (Gran Canaria) have all qualified for the playoffs.

For Maxime De Zeeuw (Obradoiro), Pierre-Antoine Gillet (Fuenlabrada) and Kevin Tumba (Murcia) the season is over.

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