Liège beats Aalst !

Liège beats Aalst this Wednesday in the Euromillions Basketball League.

Liège Basket won at home on Wednesday night against Aalst (54-48) in the Euromillions Basket League, the Belgian basketball championship. At the same time, Brussels were surprised at home by Mechelen (83-84) without Kok and Thompson. After its defeat in the Belgian Cup final against Ostend last Sunday, Mechelen had to digest this setback with a new meeting at Palais 12, but against Brussels on Wednesday evening. And even if they were deprived of Jito Kok and Trevor Thompson, Paul Vervaeck’s players had a huge game to overcome the Brussels residents. Dominated in the first half (22-21 and 41-36 at the break) by a Brussels led by Niels Foerts (20 points and 3 assists), the visitors reacted to the return of the locker room. The duo Domien Loubry (23 points and 5 assists) and Mohammed Kherrazi (16 points and 7 rebounds) hurt the Phoenix who saw their lead melt at the start of the last act (64-63). Last ten very tense minutes which finally saw Mechelen emerge at the very end of the game on the free throw line (83-84). At the same time, Liège Basket recorded its third success of the season, winning at home against Aalst. A meeting marked by the awkwardness of the actors at 3 points (6/23 for Liège, 2/25 for Aalst !). Despite this, the Liégeois were able to rely on Ioann Iarochevitch (10 points and 11 rebounds) to turn things around in the second half by conceding only 20 points, against 32 scored (22-28 at the break and 54-48 at the end of the match). In the standings, Mechelen retains its 4th place with 20 points and a record of 7 wins for 6 losses, behind Mons 25 (11-3), Antwerp 23 (10-3) and Ostend 22 (10-2). Brussels remains 5th with 19 points (4-11), followed by Aalst 18 (6-6), Limburg United 17 (6-5), Louvain 17 (4-9), Charleroi 17 (4-9) and Liège 17 (3-11).

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